Do You Want to be Better at Sales

Without Coming Across as Salesy?

The Sales Mindset Blueprint will give you the method you need to better understand the fundamentals of sales, and help you gain TOTAL CONFIDENCE + LOYAL LIFETIME CUSTOMERS.

Dear Fellow Budding Salesperson,

Hello my name is Mike Brunel.

Over the past 30 years I have been a professional salesperson, as well as owning a global sales company that generated $250 million in sales annually for my clients.

I have been teaching my most effective sales techniques for the last 20 years in my own company and with my clients.

My clients get the same results that I get for myself and that is why I am excited to share my secrets with you.


I lacked confidence in myself when I started in sales.

I was always stressed, and felt pressure from management to close more deals.

I had no direction, and was in constant battle with the competition, even among other salespeople in my own office.

I was hesitant in facing clients and therefore had average relationships.

I was always wanting to get better at sales but not knowing where to go or who to talk to, stopped me from succeeding.


• Was I being the authentic person that I wanted to be, and feel comfortable with what I was selling?

• I didn’t want to be like all the other sleazy, snake oil salespeople who never listened, and sold stuff that never worked for the client.

• I had no training; I was given a list of clients to call and was expected to come back with a sale.

• I needed a coach and not a Sales Director yelling at me to get the order.

• Or taking the best clients and leaving me with the clients they didn’t want.




They say luck is good timing and good preparation all rolled into one. In my case, that was true.

Two of my mentors who were my coaches, revealed to me a sales method that would revolutionise the way that sales were made in an industry needing disruption.

A sales system so simple in its execution, it would generate millions and millions of dollars for my customers all over the world.

The exciting thing is, it suits any type of business and can be applied to any sales situation no matter what type of business you are in.

I was lucky and am to this day externally grateful for discovering this sales method.


• One simple question to help you pinpoint a problem a client has, and how you solve it.

• A simple 4 step method to communicate more effectively to your clients more smoothly, more persuadable than you have ever before. And have fun doing it!

• Exactly what words and phrases to help your client buy into what you are selling, and never have to worry about what to say again.


• Imagine presenting in front of only the right clients who are hungry to buy and not wasting time chasing the wrong clients who are just tyre kickers.

• Imagine being more relaxed and more authentic because prospects don’t see you as a sleazy, snake oil salesperson.

• Imagine having a mentor that sits on your shoulder and helps you fine tune what you do and helps you make more sales than you are now!

I’ve used these myself; I have taught them to my team to help my business, and I taught them to my clients to improve their sales in their own businesses. That’s why it’s easy for me to say that you will get these results when you work with me inside the Sales Mindset Blueprint, but don’t take my word for it.


"What can I say? Mike Brunel is a genuine legend in the sales industry. I have 30 years in the UK media sales industry, 20 of that in senior sales management. I just got 'schooled' in the best possible way in a 30 minute coaching call that blew my mind. If you are stuck, paused, distracted, confused, in a rut or otherwise blocked... Get on a coaching session with Mike. You might only need one!"

Tony Dowling – Inbound Sales and Marketing HubSpot Partner

“Mike is energetic with a passion for driving sales results. His extensive background and knowledge of how to maximize opportunities allows you to open your mind to new possibilities. Mike is great to work with and with simple steps can change the direction and or the team thinking and moral."

Delwyn Vincent - Sales Manager Pharmacy Guild

“I had no experience in the sales side of things. I was a butcher selling smallgoods for a local company. I was hitting stumbling blocks before Mike came on. I was lacking tools, I was stuck, and I wanted some more support and training. With Mike’s help and support the results were very good and we had a massive spike in sales with a 36% increase in just two years. Working with Mike has been really good and positive.”

Pete Doile - Salesperson Harrington Smallgoods

Here’s how I can do for you exactly what I did for the other salespeople above…

Introducing you to

The Sales Mindset Blueprint

The Best Sales Training Membership Programme that will give you total confidence and lifetime customers


It’s an online training programme where members get instant access to all the training my one-one clients receive including updates and new material every month. Over 10 hours of videos, audio, workbooks, how-to templates, and PDF resources.

Here’s what’s inside step by step:

Mindset - Step 1 - Know the difference between a

Fixed Mindset and a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset means that you are open to learning new things around sales. A fixed mindset means that you believe that you already know how to sell and are not open to learn new ways to approach selling.

In this module you’ll master your sales mindset and be completely in tune to what makes you a good authentic salesperson.

We have a built-in Mindset Sales Survey to test your own mindset to sales: This survey instantly helps you to determine what traits and beliefs you have around sales, and how to improve on the ones that you may not be so good at.

That test has helped hundreds of sales people around the world.

That information alone is worth $275.

The next step in The Sales Mindset Blueprint is:

Insight - Step 2 – The Knowledge

In this module you get a specially designed SWOT analysis to help you develop insight to how you sell your product or service.

This four part template helps you look at your strengths, weaknesses threats and opportunities.

It’s made up of 14 questions analysing those strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Once you know your weaknesses you can work on them, improve your strengths, find hidden opportunities and even threats to your current position that should be eliminated.

In addition, this module includes a series of exercises to help you ask the right questions at the right time when you are making a sale. By not asking the right questions you could lose the sale, have your client tune out or even be offended.

These exercises I run separately when I induct new clients into my sales training. These alone are valued at $650 per session.

Path - Step 3 - Evaluating Clients’ Needs

What if you could formulate in your mind the right questions to ask a client to discover their needs? The Path will help you do that. This module dives deep into the emotional needs of your clients.

We do this by introducing an emotional needs analysis exercise.

This helps you take some time to sit down and imagine your customer sitting in front of you.

We provide a checklist that helps you think about what their actual needs are, so that you know how to talk to a stranger and make good guesses on what they need.

In addition, we introduce you to Strike Moves - How we convinced a real estate broker to spend millions of dollars with us using one simple move.

A strike move is like a play in sport. A move or tactic you create to open a difficult client’s door, or standing out from the other salespeople in your industry. These moves set you apart from your competitors.

The Strike Moves Workshop is used in my one-day programme where I usually charge up to $1795 per person to attend.

Individually a workshop of this nature would be $250 - 350 per session. I can promise you your competition won’t be doing Strike Moves.

Conversations - Step 4 - Start a Conversation with yourself

This module helps create those BETTER conversations. Conversation exercises, opening statements, problem solving tips, and questions are included in this module.

You get phrases that help you open up a conversation and get to the root of the client’s problem because that lets you understand what is the main value you have to express to them.

You get a series of questions to ask yourself every day. I learned these exact same questions from Tony Robbins which I still use today. These give you a perspective and confidence to start your day right from the very beginning.

You get exercises that help you develop your own series of conversation questions to ask your clients, enabling you to build trust and rapport easily.

You can then listen for clues, that may help you get to the root of the problem your product or service solves.

Like the other modules it comes with workbooks, templates and audio revision for ongoing training. When I teach this module separately it’s over $300 in value.

Presentation - Step 5 - The Right Advice at the Right Time

Presenting your product will become easier when you learn the one vital tip on how to build rapport and trust instantly.

Learn the 4MAT system for training. This system was developed out of Harvard University and sold millions of dollars for my company.

The 4Mat system is a framework that helps you deliver the right communication in your presentations.

Because your clients take in information differently, they have a certain learning style. If you don’t know this learning style it could cost you sales and you don’t even know why it is happening.

This workshop content I paid over $750 to learn myself.

“Checking in” - A qualifying checklist to see if your client is getting the information they need in your presentation. If you don’t have this you might lose the sale, or confuse them and completely take the presentation in the wrong direction. Valued at $199

Storytelling exercises - A simple 3 problem, 3 solution template to help you sell features and benefits. You can use this in your written proposals, or any sales situation you find yourself in, and even face to face. Valued at $299

In addition you get templates on how to conduct one-to-one and one-to-many-presentations, webinars and elevator pitches.

Negotiation - Step 6 - Everybody Wins

This module helps you understand that in a good negotiation everybody wins. We often think that a good negotiation only goes one way. Thinking this way will not help you build long term sales relationships because someone loses. You or the client.

I go in-depth on the open question method of negotiation and much more.

I share the secret of negotiating millions of dollars of contracts when we were working in the media industry and it’s not bribing them or cutting the price.

I teach you the What’s In It For Me Exercise (WIFM). A mini-workshop that helps you fine tune your offer into benefits that sell. This exercise shifts your mindset from thinking selfishly about your needs. You can revise it in the car outside your prospect’s office right before you go in to present your offer.

Or use it as a planning tool at your desk when you are putting your final details into your presentation. When I coach this to my students it’s usually priced at $250.

Continuation - Step 7 - Always Moving Forward

This is our final module. The sale starts the moment you meet a client, but the mistakes many salespeople make when they get the sale is that they do the chicken run- Sell and never come back. In this module you get to work on developing how your company can nurture ongoing relationships with clients.

So that you can actually build lifetime customers that are loyal, they love you, and you are always on the top of their list when they come to buy again.

We do this with email strategies, promotions, content development strategies and sequences to keep your clients warm and engaged with your company. I deliver that through workbooks and video training, and give you access to additional templates.

It’s packaged and updated regularly with new ways to communicate to your clients. These are sales reminder emails that give you additional information on asking for testimonials and conducting surveys.

You get to do some fun things to stay in front of your clients so when they are ready to buy, you are there. These include gift strategies and thank you note templates.

I usually incorporate this in my $1795 face-to-face workshops for salespeople. The workshop is a 7 step method so the price for just this module is $256.

And remember each of the modules we have described come with individual videos, workbooks, how-to templates, and audio recordings.

Okay what’s the investment to get on board with this programme.

The total value of all the modules is $3,229 but don’t worry it’s going to much less than some of my colleagues say I should charge for a training programme like this.

It’s much less to teach if you were to hire me for a one-on-one even if I am available.

What’s the catch? The only catch is that this is a special price and that’s going to change. I am opening this up initially for a 90 day period, once that expires I will review it, but it will go up in price.


This first bonus part is limited.

The first bonus I am going to tell you about is limited in time and availability, you are going to see it in a moment and you will understand why I can’t include it forever.

Every member will get a private one-on-one coaching orientation call when they join the programme. I usually charge between $250-$2500 for an hour of my time depending on what I am working on.

Here are some of the things that other people have talked to me about when we got together on the phone.

• A checklist on how to plan your approach to selling for the next 6 months.

• You get to walk away with some more detailed discussion around sales objections and presentation skills.

• I give you some tips on how to approach a new client which I know I struggled with in my early sales career.

• Finally you might need some reassurance and some confidence that you are on the right track from someone who has the experience to know what it means to be on the right track.

These are just a few of the things that you will get from the call.

I want the programme to be of value to you so I am opening up this bonus for a limited time.

Bonus #2

Sales Mindset Inner Circle Facebook/Community – Our very own Facebook community that supports our Blueprint. It’s where all our new content sits, weekly videos, tips and additional distinctions from our Blueprint and other products we sell.

There are already over a hundred people inside the group that have been engaging and answering each other’s questions. I am confident there is a ton of value in there and will be a support for you from other members. I can say for sure the value of that content in the community is $1500.

PLUS every new member gets my published book ‘Selling Is Not Optional - How to master the most important skill in business and life’ $29.95

Bonus #3

No Means Know Workshop.

Inside this bonus I have bundled all of my information on overcoming objections. When you hear the word no I want you to think Know - They the client, want to know more.

I did this because the report has some elements to it. The elements I have included in this bonus speed up your knowledge of how to handle objections by giving you instant early access to some of the negotiation module.

That way if objections are something you want to be more successful in then this bonus is here for that reason.

It includes downloadable templates of all the objections I have ever heard from my 30 years of selling, coupled with the answers to all of these common objections.

9 SIMPLE rules on how to apply those templates to speed up your sales.

That workshop has been trained to literally thousands of salespeople around the world.

It’s valued at $350


You get lifetime access to the Sales Mindset Blueprint including videos, audios, templates, and workbooks with a total value of $3,229

Plus: You also get the bonuses with a total cash value of $3,350

But you only pay a small monthly fee. Less than the cost of working with me one-on-one or through my courses.

Those used to be around $250-$300 for just one of these individual courses with me. Working with me one-on-one ranges from $250-$2500 for an hour of my time depending on what we are working on.

It’s certainly much less than if you use trial and error like I did where you lose sales and get zero results. I have done hundreds of hours and spent thousands of dollars on sales training programme some worked, some didn’t.

If you want to get fast results and work less, then the Sales Mindset Blueprint will work for you. It will fast track your sales knowledge and do it quickly. After you take the training you get ongoing support, additional templates, checklists, video training, support from the community and one-on-one coaching when required.

I will be raising the price on the Sales Mindset Blueprint after this limited offer. I have sold this training for higher amounts and I could definitely do that again. I know it sounds a bit wanky but I actually do want to give back what I have learned from my years in sales and what my mentors taught me.


You won’t pay all the individual prices of the course and bonuses of over $6000. Or pay my course group fee of $5000, or even my hourly rate of between $250 - $2500.

Right now The Sales Blueprint members is only $99 a month.

We are not actually sure yet when the price will go up, we want to see how the promotion goes but it could go as high as $399 a month as soon as the end of March.


If you check this out and you don’t want to work with me it’s your option. If that is what you want to do I will refund you the 1st month if you cancel in less than 30 days. After that you can cancel at any time.

You have 30 days to request a refund, so take your time, have a good look at it, use the information, bear in mind if you get through it faster you might start seeing results straight away.


“Using Mike's Sales Mindset Blueprint the results were excellent, and we had a massive spike in sales with a 36% increase in just two years.“

Angus Black – General Manager - Smallgoods Company

“Presentations were a real challenge for us, it used to take weeks to turn a lead into a sale. Mike introduced a presentation model from his Sales Mindset Blueprint that got that down to ONE DAY!” The product we sold was an $850 investment.

Barbara Kelly – Owner - Xalt - Centre of Sports Performance Empowerment

“Reps saying this is not for me. I told my senior rep to invite all his clients and let them make the decision. He sold 87 packages in a week.

$1,044,000. Over $1 million dollars using your system. What a turnaround from all the other reps when they saw what was going on. The rest was history over the years of working with you we sold millions and the clients got results.”

Bryan Wybrow - Sales Manager


The Sales Mindset Blueprint will give you the method you need to better understand the fundamentals of sales, and help you increase your sales revenue immediately.

You get lifetime access to the Sales Mindset Blueprint which includes all the modules, workbooks, templates, videos and audios with a total cash value of $3229.

You get three bonuses with a total value of $3350.

Right now for a limited time you get a special low price which is 83 % off the value I have just listed for the Blueprint and the bonuses.

And not only that, it’s guaranteed so there is absolutely no risk to you if you decide you don’t like the programme then ask within 30 days and I will give you back every cent.

Here is the $97 monthly subscription:

Here is the $970 annual subscription option, which gives you two months for free each year:


You know you want this, trust your gut, trust your instincts. Whatever feeling it is that you have deep down that tells you this a good idea, has it steered you wrong before?

Listen to it, listen to me, listen to what my customers say. You won’t regret it, you will be totally happy with the result.

This is Mike Brunel, thank you, I hope you enjoyed reading about my Sales Mindset Blueprint. I hope to have you as a customer.

P.S. You save money if you buy this now because the price is only going to go up. You get extra value if you buy now because it includes the bonuses that won’t be there forever.

There is a guarantee, so your investment is totally risk free and I have showed you proof that this has worked, personal proof and proof from my clients.

And since I have demonstrated that it is easier to do this, why not give it a shot. So if you think you are ready for this, it makes sense to get it right now.

P.P.S. Things are going to stay the same if you don’t change. If you want to be better at sales and want a coach to sit alongside you to help this happen then surely it makes sense to invest in this product right now.

So don’t regret it later when it’s more expensive or even off the market completely.

*Earnings and income representations made by Mike Brunel , and Mike and their advertisers/sponsors (collectively, "Sales Mindset Series") are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. These results are not typical and results will vary. The results on this page are OUR results and from years of testing. We can in NO way guarantee you will get similar results

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